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Why wait any longer for new brows?

Why spend hours drawing on eyeliner that rubs off or smears through the day?

We have relocated to a bigger and better premises that now caters to all your needs for Hair and Beauty including Cosmetic Tattooing and Extensions of all kinds.

To Celebrate lets make a noise about it and offer all NEW CLIENTS a 30min massage voucher when you book for ANY PROCEDURE in APRIL and MAY 2016!

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Eyebrows and Eyeliner

Eyeliner and Eyebrows

She has fine and fair lashes and brows so these procedures both allow Lisa to enjoy looking her best from day to night without having to apply liners and brow colour.  Lisa had a brow shape that did not suit her face so we changed the shape slightly, coloured and added in hair strokes and did a beautiful black/brown line on her top lid to accentuate the eye shape as well.